My Combell Power Tips: save time thanks to the new reseller features

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Resellers often use recurrent information when they register and manage domain names. This is why Combell has come up with extra reseller features that make it easier to reuse this information. Thanks to the Product Tags, you can now link extra info to a product. This way, you can very easily get an overview of certain tags.

1. Registrant Templates: your contact information is instantly filled in

As a reseller, you will regularly register domain names and manage multiple domains and other products. The Registrant Templates feature, which was launched in November for, allows you to simply store all the contact information that you need when you register a domain name in a template. From now on, this information can be filled in automatically with a single click. For further details on how this works, please read our Power Tips on Registrant Templates.

2.Name servers Templates: recurrent name servers automatically filled in

When you register domains, you will often use the same name servers. And for this too, we want to make your life easier thanks to Name servers Templates. All you need to do is create a template of a group of name servers, so that you do not have to enter the same information every time.

You will find both templates under the Settings tab > Templates. Choose 'Manage Name server templates' to add a new Name server template or edit an existing one.

New reseller features - Manage Name server templates

You can even set a default template. This way, it will be filled in as a first option, which will allow you to register the new domain name much faster, since you no longer need to change anything!

3. Product Tags: clear information on your products

If you work with many customers, many domain names and many products, it is not always easy to find a certain product or get an overview of what a certain customer has purchased from you.

This is where the new Product Tags come in handy. You can now add one or several tags to a domain or product. You can e.g. link a domain name to a tag that contains the customer ID that you customer uses for his customers. Or a product name that he uses to describe products to his customers.

You can create a product tag under the Settings tab > Users > Tags.

New reseller features - product tags

Then, you can assign the tags at product level. Under the 'My products' tab, go to the product that you want to tag and choose 'Manage'. Below, you will find a 'Tags' block. Here, you can assign an existing tag or enter a new tag and save it in the 'Product Tags' so that you can assign it to products.

New reseller features - add product tags

If your customer wants to know which domain names he has registered for a certain customer ID, you can find this information in no time thanks to this extra tag. At the top of the product overview, you can search by 'Product Tags'. You can even export this list so that you can process it in the invoice.

New reseller features - search based on product tags


Check out these new features in the My Combell control panel. Not a Combell reseller yet? Feel free to visit our website for further information on the various possibilities and benefits.

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