Local hosting becomes more and more important

  • 11 February 2008
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Last month, the connection of 100 million Internet users broke down. Three undersea cables had suddenly been broken. As a consequence, a great part of India, Saudi Arabia and Egypt ended up with no Internet access. Numerous conspiracy theories circulate ranging from the involvement of Al Qaeda to that of military forces. This illustrates the importance of local hosting. Companies with market outlets in the Benelux would therefore do good to choose a hosting company with servers in the Benelux such as COMBELL. As a matter of fact, the shorter the distance from the servers to the largest sales area, the better the speed and the availability for customers. Local hosting is also very important in the frame of website referencing by search engines such as Google, since, as a matter of fact, one of the criteria they use for better page ranking is that the hosting company should be located in the website holder’s country.