Is your trademark ready for the new domain name extensions?

  • 23 May 2013
  • Reading time: 2 min
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In a few months, the first new domain name extensions will be launched and this will continue in coming years. For your trademark, it is important to be online via domain name extensions that might be relevant for you. In addition, it is also extremely useful to be informed about possible abuse of your trademark. Trademark Clearinghouse, or TMCH, helps you keep a closer eye on the whole thing.

The TMCH gives you the possibility to register your trademarks in a worldwide database. By doing this once in one central location, registering your name in the future will be made much easier.

Concretely, the TMCH offers you the following benefits:

Take advantage of the sunrise period

Before a domain name extension is available to the public, privileged parties can safeguard domain names. In principle, if you have a registered trademark that is also registered in the TMCH database, you will also have the privilege to take advantage of the sunrise period.

Receive abuse notifications
During the “trademark claims service” period, both the potential registrant (the owner) and the registrar (the domain manager) will be notified if a domain name is registered with your trademark. This should allow you to take any appropriate action if necessary.

Save on administrative expenses

Since we handle all the administrative work, you do not need to invest time in it. You can count on our many years of experience to help you claim your next generation domain names.

As your agent, Combell will act on behalf of trademark holders. We will handle matters such as the registration of domain names, including and renewing your record in the TMCH database and also all related documents (“Signed Mark Data” documents).

TMCH registrations are made easier when collaborating with Combell. Our strategic advice and many years of experience with domain names allow us to help you take the best decisions to protect your trademark and register your domain names. You reduce risks and get a clearer and more complete overview of registered domain names and the use of your trademark.

Interested in the possibilities offered by the TMCH? Call our domain specialists on 0800-8-567890 or contact us for further information.