I-folks chooses Cloud hosting from Combell

  • 5 December 2011
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For many years, Combell has been an exclusive supplier of hosting services for the customers of online communication agency i-folks. That agency imagines and creates original Internet campaigns for a whole series of companies. In order to support these activities even better, i-folks recently switched, under the advice of Combell, to Cloud hosting.

Flexible Cloud

Cloud servers combine their capacity in a network. That makes them more flexible than traditional servers, because memory and processing power can be very rapidly allocated or reduced. Pieter Cantaert, account manager at Combell: “I-folks has been using traditional dedicated servers from Combell for many years. They used them for running the campaigns that the company designs for its customers. We recently advised them to switch to servers in the cloud. We know indeed that the usage of the i-folks servers varies a lot depending on the current campaigns. And cloud servers are much more suited to accommodate these variations.”

Blind trust

The switch from traditional servers to cloud servers is a radical step. Nevertheless, the decision was taken very quickly: “For i-folks, the reasoning was easy”, says manager Patrick Bertjens. “As an online communication agency, we need to follow several evolutions very closely. If we also had to follow the technical innovations relating to hosting and servers, it would be too much for us. That is not our core business. So, we need an external partner that we can trust blindly. Because the success of our online campaigns depend on the speed and availability of the websites. When Combell advised us to make the switch, we immediately agreed.”

A long collaboration

Combell and i-folks take great satisfaction from their long collaboration. Patrick Bertjens: “Combell’s greatest asset is their unequalled service, which is their main asset. When I have questions and call them, I get directly in touch with a real person that helps me solve my problem. Sometimes, it seems like Combell is a department of our company. This is how our collaboration works.”

About I-folks

I-folks is a digital marketing agency that develops effective marketing strategies for companies that want to stand out online. For more info, go to www.ifolks.be.