How fast is your website?

  • 26 April 2011
  • Reading time: < 1 min
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Although Combell's web servers guarantee high reachability and fast request responses to visitors, if your website is too sluggish, it will appear too slow to the visitor anyway. And those visitors aren't as patient as you think: most of them are only willing to wait for 2 seconds, otherwise they will browse elsewhere.

There are several ways to optimise your load time. To help you out, Google has launched a new tool: Page Speed Online. It's easy to use: you only need to type your website, and you will immediately get tips on how to increase your load time.

Did you know that Google advises to add due date stamps on images? If it has no date, the image will not be stored in the browser cache and needs to be reloaded each time the visitor surfs to the web page. This causes a longer page load time.

With this Page Speed Online tool, you can also check how fast a page loads on mobile devices, and it will provide you with specific advise.