Hosted SharePoint 2010: working efficiently as a team

  • 23 May 2012
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Is it not time for a real intranet? One that is actually used? One that makes your employees more productive and makes mutual collaboration easier? Hosted SharePoint 2010 is such an intranet. And we are happy to set everything up for you.

No need to have your own server

All of Hosted SharePoint 2010 runs on Combell’s servers. That means that you no longer have to worry about updates, upgrades, firewalls and back-ups. And, as regards uptime, you can sleep soundly: over the past three years, Combell reached a score of 100%.

Another benefit? The price: you pay per user, not per server. So, you do not waste money anymore for IT infrastructure that you do not need.

Two packages of SharePoint 2010 hosting

SharePoint 2010 Express: 1 GB storage space and 5 users for 20 euros per month
SharePoint 2010 Business: 5 GB storage space and an unlimited number of users for 60 euros per month.

Check out our Hosted SharePoint 2010 offer.