Exchange 2010: access your e-mails from anywhere

  • 22 May 2012
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From today, we will switch from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010. That means more modern software and more storage space for your e-mail, which is directly accessible via All our Exchange 2007 customers will automatically benefit from this upgrade!

What is Exchange 2010?

With Exchange 2010, you can keep your e-mails, tasks and appointments perfectly synchronized on all your devices. Did you read an e-mail on your smartphone? In that case, it will also appear later as a read item on your laptop. Did you plan a meeting in your agenda? Or did you create a new task? Your iPhone, Windows Phone or BlackBerry are immediately and automatically synchronized.

Why Exchange?

With Exchange, for all these benefits, you do not even need to have your own server anymore. You just use ours, which are more modern, faster and more secure. In addition, you pay per user, which means that you do not pay a penny too much.

Our three packages:

Exchange Express: 1 GB e-mail storage space for 10 €/month
Exchange Business: unlimited e-mail storage space for 15 €/month
Exchange POP3 Only: 1 GB e-mail storage space for 5 €/month (limited functions)

Check out our detailed Exchange 2010 offer. Or call us for further information on 0800-8-567890.

Are you a reseller? In that case, you can also offer Exchange using your trademark. Discover Combell’s partnership programme.