Google divulges the most popular search terms

  • 24 January 2011
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As every year, Google divulged the most popular and fastest growing search terms of the past year. Social networks are still popular: Facebook is 1st in Belgium, while in the Netherlands, the “own” Hyves came 1st, and Facebook 5th. The Belgian counterpart, Netlog, was no match for Facebook and ended 5th. Other striking conclusions: in Belgium, people search more for Kim Geybels than international Pop artists; Chatroulette was the fastest growing search term, despite its poor reputation, followed by the online game Grepolis.

Those facts are all good to know, but as an entrepreneur, you must remember that this information is taken from Google Insights for Search. With this tool, you can also determine the popularity of a certain search term in a certain period and even in a certain area – an analysis that you can use to increase a little bit the popularity of your website in search engines...