Google as a marketing tool

  • 22 March 2008
  • Reading time: 2 min
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Google is popular. According to the Dutch National Search Engine Monitor, more than 93 % of Internet users frequently use Google. This means that, when writing content, one should take Google into account more than ever. For most websites, this channel is indeed the main key to generating traffic.

Lists with the Top 100 Google keywords are published on a regular basis in Belgium, the Netherlands, worldwide, etc. It’s much more interesting though to already use the Google Keyword Tool during the writing stage of your texts. This tool is an extremely valuable marketing tool. Let’s say you sell kitchens. When you enter the keyword “kitchen”, in seconds, Google will offer you an overview of many relevant keywords, as there are “buy a kitchen”, “design a kitchen”, “new kitchen”, “kitchen appliances”, etc. What’s even more interesting is that Google indicates how much competition exists for a keyword and what the search volume was (in relative terms, between 0 and 1) for this keyword during the previous month. Google also provides an immediate overview of related words like “bathroom”, “new building”, “contractor”, “counter top”, “granite”, etc.

Thus, Google doesn’t only help you during the writing stage of web content, but can also be used to conduct market research and to check which keywords and categories are often used and therefore where the commercial possibilities lie. It’s also possible to type the address of your website or your competitor’s website and, subsequently, to obtain a list of relevant keywords. This is an ideal tool for everyone who’s planning to launch a web shop and who wishes to check which categories are popular in order to ensure sufficient and variegated stocks.

Another interesting feature is the linking of these results to Google AdWords. This is an online pay-per-click advertising program within the search engine that makes sure your ad is only shown in the frame of relevant queries.