Frustrated customers are bad for a web shop’s reputation

  • 11 July 2008
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A recent study organised by Opinion Research Corporation has shown that web shoppers are subject to quite a few frustrations. What bothers them the most is that the purchased articles often don’t look like the picture shown on the web shop pages and that they cannot speak to a sales person if they have questions regarding their purchase.

Web surfers also get frustrated when they find out that an article, which they have placed in their shopping basket, is not in stock (19%), when the website encounters an error while their payment is being processed (14%), when there is no clear return policy (8%) or shipping information (6%) and when they do not get a confirmation after having placed their order (6%).

All those frustrations can give a web shop a bad name, so it’s up to you to make a difference and to provide a user-friendly shopping experience to your web shop customers.