Founder of the Internet is sorry for http://

  • 31 October 2009
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httpSir Tim Berners-Lee, who created the Internet in 1990 together with the Belgian Robert Cailliau, is sorry for the http:// that is mentioned before every domain name. According to him, this was a wrong choice, because it is a waste of time. URLs could have been designed without the slashes. Not only would it have saved us a lot of work, but we also used a lot of ink to print the http://, e. g. on advertising posters.

Luckily, modern Internet browsers add the http:// themselves, but things were different before. And for those who do not know it yet: for .com domain names, you can just type the prefix (e.g. combell) + ctrl + enter. The browser will automatically add the http://www. and the .com.