Exporting Google Analytics web statistics into Excel

google-analytics-excelWith Google Analytics , you can check out all the web analytics data related to the visits of your online website, which are nicely presented. Still, it is also handy to have those data on your own computer, in a spreadsheet. This way, you can indeed further analyse those data and even convert them into other documents.

The open source project Excellent Analytics makes this possible. With this plug-in for Excel spreadsheets, that uses the Google’s API, you can fetch data from Google Analytics and import them in Excel 2007. Now, you can convert the data yourself as you please for further analysis. You can apply filters, have formulas calculated, make statistics and graphics, etc. And, of course, you can also convert the Excel spreadsheet into a PowerPoint presentation, or share it with your customers.
The plug-in can be downloaded free of charge on ExcellentAnalytics.