.EU registrations doubled within 5 years

  • 14 April 2011
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On 5 April a birthday cake was cut in the European parliament to celebrate its .eu domain 's fifth birthday. There were a lot of reasons to celebrate. During those five years, the amount of TLD (top level domain) registrations has been doubled, resulting in 3.4 million .eu domain registrations to date.

Companies, institutions and private persons have chosen for this domain, because they wish to emphasize their presence and accessibility in the whole of Europe. Especially in Belgium, the .eu domain registration is very popular, in order to attract foreign customers. Compared to 2006, when the .eu domain was first introduced, the amount of registrations increased with 79% in Belgium, while the amount of .be registrations only increased with 7% in the same period. Nevertheless, the absolute figures of the amount of .eu addresses remains less than the amount of .be addresses: 106.000 versus 1 million, according to recent figures from EURid, the authority responsible for the .eu registrations.