Do not lose your domain name: new verification process for domain names!

  • 14 August 2014
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Verlies uw domeinnaam nietWe have an important message for all owners of a generic domain name such as .com, .net or .guru. From now on, a valid e-mail address is a must in order to keep your domain name. 

A reaction is expected from you, so please read carefully the instructions contained in this blog post and in the e-mail that you will receive.

On 21 July, ICANN (the organisation that manages all the generic domain names worldwide) introduced a new verification process for e-mail addresses. This concerns all generic domain names such as .com, .net or .info, and the many new gTLDs like .gent, .hotel or .immo. So, this procedure does not apply to ccTLDs such as .be, .nl or .es. 


How does it work?

You will automatically receive an e-mail that contains a link on which you need to click within 15 days in order to confirm that your e-mail address is correct. If you do not react within 12 days, you will receive a reminder. At that point, you will have 3 days left to react.


When will you receive this e-mail ?

  • When registering a new domain name or when transferring an existing domain name for which the contact details have not been verified yet.
  • When editing the contact details for an existing domain name (address, phone number, etc.).

Attention: Once your e-mail address has been confirmed, you will no longer receive verification e-mails, even when you register new generic domain names.


What if you do not validate your e-mail address?

  • The domain name itself remains registered, but expires automatically on the normal expiration date (AutoExpire).
  • The domain name will no longer work but will redirect to a page that mentions that the domain name has temporarily been suspended awaiting the completion of the verification procedure.

You will be notified via e-mail of the domain name suspension.

The link contained in the e-mails will remain active until the expiration date of the domain name. So, you can reactivate your domain name at any time via this link until the normal expiration date.



All domains that belong to the non-verified e-mail address will be suspended too! It is therefore crucial that you react immediately to the verification procedure.

Please contact our support team for further assistance.