Combell starts a new managed hosting company in the Netherlands: Unitt

  • 25 January 2013
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unitt hostingCombell Solutions has founded a new business in the Netherlands: Unitt. This company focuses on complex hosting projects.

Unitt established its offices in Amsterdam and the new company has a Dutch CEO: Hans Reinhart. “We have great ambition for Unitt and believe we can secure a strong position in the Dutch hosting market”, says Reinhart, resolutely. It took quite some time for Unitt to see the light of day. As a matter of fact, the company has an experienced team of great experts in hosting, who already proved their worth in the Dutch market. Among other people, the Dutch team now also includes Ramon Schonhage and Rense Buijen, former Terremark employees. Hans Reinhart worked for Terremark too. With these people, Unitt will most certainly hit the ground running.

Conquering the Netherlands and founding Unitt (pronounced “Unity”) are part of a logical evolution. Combell was founded in 1999 by entrepreneur Jonas Dhaenens and has since rapidly grown in terms of turnover and customer portfolio. “Since 2007, we have been focusing on solutions. In fact, in Belgium, via our Combell Solutions division, Combell already provides hosting for complex websites and applications of multinationals and large companies such as Q8, Vente Exclusive and Pizza Hut”, says Combell CEO Jonas Dhaenens. All of these are businesses and projects that set high standards in terms of hosting. “We are of opinion that there still is much potential for complex hosting projects in the Dutch market, just as in Belgium”, says country manager Netherlands Hans Reinhart.

Today, Combell already has many customers in the Netherlands. Concretely, Unitt will focus on six types of projects in the Netherlands: e-commerce, high traffic website hosting, web applications, software & desktop as a service, IT Outsourcing and solutions for partners. “In addition, Unitt will be able to rely on many years of experience in the field of hosting that we have built up with Combell Solutions. So, Combell Solutions’ first international expansion will be in the Netherlands”, says Jonas Dhaenens, with emphasis. “Besides, over the past years, we have obtained both the ISO 27001 and the ISO 9001 certificate. So, our customers expect us to provide them with a first-class service and that is exactly what we do. In Belgium, and from now on also in the Netherlands!”