Combell provides the technical infrastructure of “Help Haïti – 1212” live TV and radio show

  • 21 January 2010
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helphaitiEveryone has now become aware that Haiti is in need of financial help. On Thursday 21 January, VTM and Eén will broadcast a live benefit show, hosted by Martine Tanghe and Stef Wauters. On Friday, all radio stations (JOE fm, MNM, Radio 2, Studio Brussel and Q-music) will form “Radio 1212”, with the purpose of collecting as much money as possible for the victims in Haiti.

Combell is happy to support this initiative and provides the technical infrastructure that is necessary to process credit card donations online. The infrastructure comprises 3 powerful high-end level dedicated servers. One of these three dedicated servers processes all donations made via the call centre. The other two dedicated servers process all donations made via the website An extra high-end level dedicated server is left on standby in case extra processing power is required or to be able to perform extra fast operations in case of a possible incident.

We hope that this action will be a huge success!