Combell launches three free essential security tools on its hosting platform

Security tools on webhosting platformAs you probably know, Combell runs its own hosting environment (the Next Generation redundant hosting platform for each web hosting package at Combell) linked to our unique control panel My Combell, which is constantly maintained by a dedicated team at Combell. This month, this platform will offer three new security tools that will be enabled by default for all websites and web stores. Security is indeed a priority for Combell.

An infected website has many drawbacks:

  • It damages your reputation in the eyes of your customers and other people who visit your website
  • Data loss and/or violation of privacy sensitive data are more likely to happen
  • Your website may become unavailable
  • Your site may be blocked in search engines like Google, which actively block your website and even display a warning when people visit your website

Every day, we notice that an increasing number of malevolent people attempt to attack the sites within our network. When we designed our platform, security was already a priority. This is why we use special ‘jailing’ technology and split different services (among other techniques). But today, we are launching three extra tools that specifically protect the software that our customers run on their web hosting packages. These three free tools will be explained in this blog post.

1. Web filter

Every incoming request to your website is checked by our filter. Malicious code or common infections are automatically blocked. Protection against SQL injection, rootkits and brute force attacks are included in this protection tool. The configuration can be changed for each website via My Combell.


2. Malware scanner

Each file that is stored on our servers is regularly scanned (as an antivirus software would do). Infected or malicious files (also known as malware) are automatically deleted from our systems. In case of doubt, the file is quarantined and then checked manually by our support engineers.


3. Critical patching

Many customers use a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla!. However, updates to the latest version are not that frequent, which poses significant security risks. This is why Combell automatically takes action or inform you about the fact that you are using an outdated version of your CMS when a critical update is available. It is of course safer if you do this yourself and do not wait for us to remind you that a critical update is available to update your systems.

Once again, Combell has taken another step towards greater security. In addition to our standard security provided in the data centre, redundant storage and backups, we want to protect the software that our customers install on their hosting packages even more. And this is exactly why the three tools we have launched this month are more than efficient.