Combell & KAA Gent esports present: Umut Tasdemir

Just like last year - remember Milan? - Combell is the proud shirtsponsor of KAA Gent's esport player. By the way, Milan is doing exceptionally well in the Dutch eDivisie for Heracles. Last year, he managed to make it to the playoffs. After a very exciting match, he lost the quarter-finals against the national champion: Kinane from Royale Union Saint-Gilloise.

This year, KAA Gent is joining forces with specialized partner We Are Esports. They are responsible for scouting, attracting, and supporting the player who will represent KAA Gent in the ePro League. The ePro League is the official Belgian esports competition for the video game EAFC 24 (formerly known under the title FIFA).

The ePro League?

Most of us are familiar with the Belgian Pro League, also known as the regular football competition at the highest level. Next to the physical competition on real grass, almost every country has its own esports football competition. In Belgium, every Belgian club from the top football division has one or two esports players. After the regular season, the playoffs follow, and one team will be named the champion of the 2023-2024 season. The title is not the only thing at stake! There's some fantastic prizes and most importantly: tickets to the eChampions League and the EA SPORTS FC™ Pro World Championship.

Say hello to Umut

Umut Tasdemir will represent the blue and white colors this coming season. Umut is an enormously talented player, and the Belgian football association has noticed that as well. They are responsible for the training and coaching of the eDevils through the RBFA esports Academy. Think of the Red Devils, but they're playing with a PlayStation controller instead of their feet. The RBFA esports Academy will help Umut to fully develop as an esports player. And who knows, maybe he will even make it to the Belgian national team? We are certainly rooting for him!

Our vision remains unchanged:

For Combell, it's a no-brainer to support the esports world. The enthusiastic community is technically minded and has a great entrepreneurial spirit, just like our target audience. Esports players and gamers are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Like Combell customers, they go big online by professionalizing their activities sooner or later.

Christophe, Marketing Manager at Combell


Would you like to come and play EAFC, so FIFA, and - oh yes! - work with us? Check out the vacancies and join our team! You are also welcome to do an internship, if you would like that.

FIFA players at work

Umut on national radio about EAFC and the ePro League

Because playing videogames as a sport still seems a bit abstract to many, Radio 2 thought it was a good idea to interview Umut and hear from a player how an online competition actually works.

Let's cheer for Umut and KAA Gent

Starting February 14th, the first matches of the ePro League will be broadcast on the channels of ELEVEN/DAZN (television, YouTube, and Twitch). You'll be able to follow all the matches at the same time via a multi-live. On the website of the ePro League, you can find more information.

Do you want a throwback to our favorite moment from last season? The goal that secured the victory against Club Brugge: