Combell invests in new firewalls and further expansion of the data centre

  • 25 April 2013
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We are currently making all the necessary preparations to replace our shared firewalls. The reasons for this change are twofold. On the one hand, our strong growth requires an increase in capacity. And on the other hand, it cannot be denied that, in the last few months, there have been more cyber-attacks than before. This month, the Belgian government also announced that it would take additional measures against the rising threat of cyber-attacks.

We chose Juniper SRX firewalls in order to meet our expectations in terms of capacity. The firewalls provide several 10-gigabit connections and are redundantly connected to Combell’s network via the BGP protocol. This makes it possible for us to meet our customers’ growth requirements and handle cyber-attacks. We are also busy setting up a new room in the InterXion data centre.