Combell invests € 1,000,000.00 in its network

Combell’s network has always been one of the most advanced elements of all our products. It's thanks to this network that the market automatically associates our name with stability and reliability. Since we are always one step ahead and focus on long-term growth, Combell’s network allows us to provide services that help individuals and companies continue their growth.

But Combell grows fast. And this is exactly the reason why it was time to take the next step and upgrade our infrastructure. So, last year, Combell invested more than € 1,000,000.00 in knowledge, equipment and a new design for our network and data centre infrastructure. Last month, one of the latest upgrades was performed to make the transition to the new network.

A real multi-data centre strategy

The reason why customers go for a multi-data centre solution is obvious: risk sharing. Therefore, one of our main concerns has been to develop this strategy. We believe that the network equipment has to be duplicated, as well as every component that may affect the availability of the services. This is why Combell chose to have each data centre room run separately, whether it be located inside the same data centre or in several data centres. This way, every room has duplicate network equipment, separate UPS systems, fire detectors, generators, etc. And we chose freedom: we will never rely on a single provider and become dependent on it.











So, in our network topology, we resolutely go for redundancy and duplication. While most hosting companies use “n+1” redundancy for routers and switches (each device is duplicated once), Combell chose a “2n+2” strategy, wherein two active devices are constantly used and both are duplicated.

In addition to the existing network protocols that were already used (OSPF, BGP, VRRP…), Combell also uses MPLS. This protocol allows us to easily switch between our different network equipment and locations when performing maintenance operations or in the event of a problem, without any inconvenience to the customer. Another benefit is that we are able to add capacity or even brand-new data centre rooms to our network in no time, without us having to redesign the topology. Our partner SecureLink has guided us along the way while we were designing and implementing our network, to make sure our vision was tested and vetted.

Scalability and capacity for each project

Combell customers never have to worry about the future. It is our duty as a hosting company to provide a service that can grow along with our customers, regardless of how fast they may grow. With this in mind, we opted for Juniper MX480 routers. Thanks to these routers, we can now provide a standard bandwidth of 1 Gbit/s that can easily burst to 10 Gbit/s and even 100 Gbit/s where and when necessary.

In order to ensure the best possible connectivity between our data centres, Combell also invested in its own multiplexers. This equipment allows us to very quickly provide our customers with 10 Gbit/s fibre connections between our data centres. And these connections can of course also be provided in a redundant version, since Combell has two multiplexers in each data centre location, which are connected to two redundant dark fibres that both follow a different network path.








Combell is the most logical choice

For every project, it is important to ask yourself if the hosting provider will be able to grow along with you in a short time should this ever be necessary. Combell wants to and can live up to this promise. And thanks to our excellent presales service, our customers can always choose the best solution, taking account of their budget and feasibility.

So, do not wait any longer and discuss your latest project with us. You can call our sales department, free of charge and without any obligation, on 0800-8-567890.