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In iOS 9, Apple replaced Kiosk by a new app, Apple News, which delivers articles from all sorts of media in a virtual magazine interface similar to that of Flipboard. At present, the app will only be available in the USA, the UK and Australia, and there is something very special about it: it uses the domain name Another Internet giant that went for a new domain extension!

The new domain extensions are becoming increasingly popular. Google chose the domain for its new holding company, Alphabet. The Hunger Games uses the domain to show its new trailer. And last week, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced his appearance in a Questions & Answers session using a .xyz domain name, new domain names

And now, it seems that Apple is also interested in the new domain extensions: for its News app, one of the main new components of the freshly released iOS 9 operating system, Apple went for When you share an article using the app, the link is transformed into a shortened URL.

A huge boost for the .news domain extension

In other words, each article that will be shared via the News app will end with the domain name – no matter if it was originally published by Bloomberg, VentureBeat, NewYorkTimes, TechCrunch, DeMorgen or any other publisher. So, this is quite a huge boost for this new domain extension!

apple news app new tld

By the way, Apple is not the only company that has realised the great potential of the .news extension. Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Major League Baseball, BMW and Starbucks have also registered their own .news domain, as noted by news site Geekwire. Not to mention mass media companies such as CBS, CNN, FOX and BBC!

On 20 September 2015, more than 24,000 .news domains had already been registered. It seems that .news is becoming the standard extension for all those who want to spread news – not only publishers and mass media companies, but any company that wants to spread news about itself or its products.

Are you interested in .news or one of the more than 700 new alternative domain names?

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