A wave of domain scams from China

Perhaps you too received an e-mail in your mailbox from a registration company from China claiming that they care about your well-being, but also that there is a problem? The problem is that a request would have come in for the company to register several domain names for a trademark or a domain name belonging to you. This would concern local registrations in countries such as China, Taiwan, etc. And they would like to know if you want to oppose this registration…

Consider these e-mails with the greatest caution. These are, in most cases, scams. Absolutely no one requested the registration of these domains and the Chinese company is just trying to force you to register these domains yourself, as a precaution – obviously, through this company!

As you have gathered, this company is just trying to rip you off and make money off you. Recently, a huge wave of such scams has been reported from China, by the company Firetrust (among others). So, be careful. Contact our services in case of any doubts. And if you nevertheless decide to register these domain names as a precaution, do it through a reliable registrar, such as Combell.