A few technical innovations on Combell’s hosting cluster

AB testenOur web hosting packages are constantly changing and follow the latest developments and software versions. Besides, we regularly make updates that you might not have noticed as a customer, but that are very important all the same.

Here’s an overview of the most recent changes:

  • We have upgraded many of our MySQL database servers to version 5.5.31. This version contains many bug fixes that improve stability and performance, in addition to solving a system memory leak.
  • From now on, Drush 7 is available on all the web nodes on the new hosting cluster. As a reminder, Drush is a scripting interface for Drupal. This tool that can be executed from the command line. Drupal power users also refer to it as “Drupal’s Swiss Army Knife”, because it makes installation and management of Drupal websites much easier.

You most probably also heard about the whole Heartbleed story. Heartbleed was a security bug in the OpenSSL protocol, which posed a potential security threat, since it allowed hackers to steal personal data. Thanks to an efficient strategy in terms of security and software updates, Combell’s web hosting servers were never exposed to this bug. So, our customers have been able (and are still able) to put their mind at rest!

Until the next update!