Check the ports of your server with a Telnet client

Install the Telnet client:

  1. Press the Windows button to open your Start menu.Press the Windows button
  2. Open Control Panel > Programs and Featurescontrol Panel > Programs and Features
  3. Now click on Turn Windows Features On or OffTurn Windows Features On or Off
  4. Find the Telnet Client in the list and check it. Click on OK to save the changes.Telnet Client in the list

Check the server port:

  1. Type in the following command and substitute your server name or IP and the port you want to check.
telnet 80


telnet 80

Fill in the command

  1. If the connection is successful that means the port is open – you will be shown a blank page and the name of your window will change to Telnet.Blank page
Updated on 8 March 2020

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