Bandwidth and Disk Space in SiteBuilder

Bandwidth (or traffic) is the sum of all data transferred between the SiteBuilder servers and your website visitor’s device. This includes all content on the page, such as texts, pictures, and other files needed to display your site to visitors.
The more pages a visitor opens, the more data is transferred. This results in an increase in the overall amount of transferred data.

Please note that data is also transferred while you edit your website.

Disk Space indicates the available storage space for your website’s content. Each website has an allowed amount of disk space that allows you to upload your own content to the site.

Your site should not primarily serve as file storage because the more content you have on your site, the quicker you will use up your allowed bandwidth. The contents of the email addresses and backups of your website are also included in the disk space usage. If you have large files on your website that will be downloaded often, we recommend using an external storage service, such as Google Drive, for storage and sharing.

You can monitor your current usage of bandwidth and disk space in SiteBuilder by clicking the SETTINGS button at the top of the website editor. The Basic Overview tab provides information about the current status of both indicators.

Updated on 28 September 2022

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