Sister company Unitt elected ‘Solutions Partner of the Year 2015′

During the NetApp Channel Awards 2015, which took place in Brussels, our sister company Unitt was elected ‘Solutions Partner of the Year 2015’ – a wonderful acknowledgement for the entire Unitt team!

Unitt - NetApp Channel Award 2015

Unitt develops and manages business hosting services on Public Cloud (like Amazon Web Services and Azure) and Private Cloud platforms with in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies.

It provides solutions to the most demanding applications and websites, thanks to rock-solid guarantees for service levels. With 24/7 support available in the customer’s language and direct contact with the engineers who manage the infrastructure, the company stands out from the rest of the market.

Unitt primarily focuses on four product categories: business-critical applications, high-traffic websites, e-commerce and SaaS platforms. All the products rely on modern, high-end technological components.

Why Unitt? A few customers explain: