PHP 7.1 is finally available – migrate now!

Last week, after upgrading to PHP 7.1.0 on the SSH nodes, this version of this server-side web development language has been made available on Combell’s Linux web hosting accounts.

What are the key new features?

PHP 7.1 available on our webhostingThe execution time of scripts had already been drastically reduced in version 7.0, but this newer version goes a step further. This version also offers the following features: the ArgumentCountError Exception, Nullable Types, the Iterable Type, Catching Multiple Exception Types and Invalid String Arithmetics. You will find more comprehensive information (including examples of code) in an article published on SitePoint’s PHP blog entitled “What's new and exciting in PHP 7.1?”. And on, you will find the complete changelog.

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How can you migrate?

As usual, upgrading to this new version is very easy: you just need to go to your My.combell control panel, where you can choose the new PHP 7.1 version in the “Version:” drop-down list in the General tab of your PHP settings.

How can you migrate to PHP 7.1

This version includes all the features that PHP 7.0.x already offered, except ioncube, the add-on that protects your PHP source code against theft and change by compiling to bytecode.

Something fishy going on?

Only those who use the Magento e-commerce software should be careful. If you want to have Magento run with your PHP 7.1 code, we advise you not to use Magento 1. With Magento 2, issues have been reported with the mcrypt extension. Magento is aware of such issues and mcrypt should therefore no longer be supported in version 2.2 or even 2.1.2. Those who cannot wait for the release of this new version will find a workaround in this article published on Cadence-Labs.

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