thanks Combell 65,000 times

Scenario in 2011
Last year, the website of went down due to the impressive stream of visitors. At times, peaks of 30,000 unique visitors were recorded. “For the entire evening, we have been noticing that the site was particularly slow and the final blow was given 15 minutes before the beginning of the live show: the site and the underlying database were unavailable. The site disappeared into thin air. For the entire evening. That same night, Combell was contacted in order to see if it was possible to find a solution to the problem, preferably before the 2nd semi-final, two days later”, says Filip Moons, internet coordinator at

Although the site was not designed to deal with such massive traffic, Combell’s engineers managed to move the site to a cloud environment on the very next day. Such a cloud comprises multiple servers with sufficient capacity to run our site without any problems even when traffic peaks.

“In short, we are very thankful to Combell because the company offered us stable hosting when traffic peaked, because their specialists provide 24/7 support and also because they are so flexible as to offer cloud hosting only during the Eurovision Song Contest. During the rest of the year, shared hosting is in fact more than enough.

Now, in 2012, peaks of 65,000 unique visitors are not a problem at all
During this year’s edition, peaks of 65,000 unique visitors have been recorded again. And they did not create a problem. During the day of the TV broadcast, there is an impressive traffic peak at around 7 PM, which declines during the show. Just one minute after the broadcast, the number of visitors increases again significantly. Without Combell’s cloud, this would be absolutely impossible to manage”, says Moons, Internet coordinator at