Combell’s holding company makes a giant leap and joins forces with Sentia

Intelligent, Combell’s holding company, has big news! They will indeed join forces with Dutch Sentia, the Netherlands’ leading specialists in the management of scalable and mission-critical IT platforms. This is also good news for Combell, since we will acquire much new expertise in-house.

Smart people make remarkable products

This takeover will make Combell’s holding company grow much bigger, and it will also welcome lots of new colleagues, who are all experts in their field. As a result of the knowledge that we will share among the more than 300 colleagues, new technologies will also be available to Combell, which will enable us to develop even better products and services for our customers.

Moreover, the group will invest more in innovation for both services and products, with which they will also be able to conquer new markets and sectors in Europe. Through the merger with Sentia, the group now has more than 300 employees in Belgium and the Netherlands. The teams will continue to operate from Intelligent’s existing offices in Ghent (BE), Brussels (BE), Nieuwegein (NL), Barendrecht (NL) and Amsterdam (NL).

Customer satisfaction will be a top priority

Don't worry! Stijn, Simon, Annelies and all other Combell collaborators will still be available to help all the customers who need assistance or answers to any questions they may have.

In addition, customer satisfaction will be the top priority for all the group’s brands, including Combell, of course. This was already obvious for all Combell customers, and we will put in our best efforts to make sure nothing changes.

“The relationship with our customers is something we currently excel in, and we intend to keep investing in it in the future. We believe that small teams are the perfect choice to support a segment of our customers in the most appropriate manner possible. Personal contact and knowledge are essential in this context”, says Intelligent CEO Jonas Dhaenens

If you would like more details or further information regarding Sentia, feel free to read the full press release below.

Read the full press release here