Combell has been awarded a toque by Gault Millau

Gault Millau has been a satisfied customer of Combell for over 4 years. During the final of the Flemish television show Mijn Restaurant, it was announced that reviews of the 2 finalists were available on the Gault Millau website. “It was not until the day before that we were informed about this possible traffic peak and we wanted to be absolutely sure that the 800,000 viewers would have no problem visiting our website”, said Gault Millau CEO Philippe Limbourg.

That is why Combell has very quickly provided a Cloud infrastructure and completed the migration process from shared hosting to Cloud hosting. “The collaboration with the Combell team worked very well and the website worked flawlessly. Congratulations to the Combell collaborators who have also supported us a lot in recent months in launching our new WordPress website”, added Limbourg.