Combell Group becomes leading domain provider in Switzerland with Switchplus

Combell Group announces that it has acquired the Swiss hosting company Switchplus from the SWITCH Foundation. With this strategic acquisition, Combell Group enters the hosting market in Switzerland with strong ambitions to expand its position in the country.

First steps into Switzerland with strong ambitions

Switchplus overnameBy acquiring Switchplus, Combell Group starts it first endeavours in Switzerland. As it is in the company’s DNA, Combell Group has the ambition to further build a strong reputation and presence in the local market and empower local entrepreneurs and small businesses with the best possible tools for their digital existence.

SWITCH FoundationNot only will Combell Group retain the current workforce at Switchplus in Zurich, it will further invest into the expansion by adding and renewing products and services in favor of its customers. Over time, it will therefore also further split off the company from its roots at SWITCH and define its own future identity, by rebranding the company.

CEO Jonas Dhaenens

Jonas Dhaenens, CEO Combell Group

"Combell Group is thrilled to start its journey in Switzerland. We’re welcoming a lot of new customers, new colleagues and lots of expertise and we already see great potential ahead. Our first priority has always been to inspire and to innovate, in benefit of our customers. We want to enable entrepreneurs and small businesses to build their digital identity online using our services."

You can find more details in the press release.