Combell Cloud Angel Web Fund celebrates first anniversary and reaches even more start-ups

The successful Cloud Angel Web Fund through which Combell helps start-ups rapidly grow their business celebrates its first anniversary. Next to numerous success stories, the fund is now easier to access than ever.

Combell, once a start-up, boosted the start-up scene in the Benelux last year. Not by carrying the creative projects from innovating companies but by providing an individual fund that represents one year of free hosting. In collaboration with different incubators, Combell offers a total budget of € 1.000.000 during one year.

New selection process

Selection process Cloud Angel WebfundIn order to facilitate the access to the fund, the selection process has recently been adapted. As a result affiliation with one of the Combell partners is no longer necessary and the information required from the start-up is better structured. Thanks to these adjustments applications can be treated more quickly and efficiently.

New partners, more power

At the beginning, interest for the fund was already big. Combell launched with only one partner but in the meantime a large amount of new partners joined because they honestly believe in the story of the Combell Cloud Angel Webfund.

We are very proud to be able to boost the Belgian start-up scene in collaboration with the following companies:

  • BetaGroup
  • iMinds
  • Aerey
  • FeWeb

Success stories

Many of the projects whose hosting is provided by the Combell Cloud Angel Web Fund are still in development and will soon be launched. We present you three start-up companies that were able to realize their dream thanks to the indispensable support in the field of hosting.

Happy Flights

This innovative SaaS application was especially developed to help receive reimbursement for travelers affected by long flight delays, flight cancellations, or problems caused by overbooking. The platform gives the right advice to help travelers rapidly receive proper compensation.

“We got to know the Cloud Angel Webfund at the Tech Startup Day of We now host our entire SaaS application in the Combell Cloud”,

Steven Willems, Co-founder Happy Flights.


This brand new online platform allows potential clients find the products they want to buy by using new techniques that rapidly connect buyers and sellers.

"Hosting is one of the biggest costs for a start-up. This fund gives our business a break by eliminating that cost in the first year",

Ben Elsen, CEO JooBizz.


This Android application was designed to bring family members closer together. It’s a new solution imagined to address day-to-day needs and swiftly prevent emergency situations.

“Our start-up required a solution with 100% uptime. We didn’t want to cut costs and compromise on quality. The Cloud Angel Web Fund has given our business much needed breathing space",

CEO Bros Lenmach.