Collect e-mail addresses during e-shopping

emailiconDo you want to communicate with existing customers and attract new customers? In that case, you can choose an e-mail campaign. But, of course, to make this possible, you need e-mail addresses. How can you collect them?

According to the recent study entitled “Email List Growth”, you have the best chances to get an e-mail address when you request it during an interaction that comes from the customer, e.g. when he makes a purchase in a real store or online. In other words: just collecting, no chasing. It is not advised to use a call centre or offline advertisements, or rent address lists, because this produces the worst results.

It is surprising, by the way, that 33% of all e-mail marketers do not even check if the method they use to collect addresses produces results. An unfortunate act of neglect, because such a list must grow!

The report also reveals that B2B marketers (companies that supply other companies) achieve the best results when they use an incentive during the registration process, while in the case of B2C (companies that sell to individuals), registrations without incentives are the most effective.

You can also use social networks to collect new subscribers to your newsletters. It is very important that you give the possibility to share the content of your e-mail with other Internet users via social networks (Digg, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). According to the report, this method achieved an increase of over 348% in 2009.

The full report can be downloaded for free (registration required). It contains, among others, tips on how to find the right subscribers for your list, why you should respect their preferences, which methods are hot this year to have your address list grow, and which ones you should better avoid.