5 tips to become a successful online influencer

Brands want to connect to bloggers. Influencers have authenticity and connection to the consumer that brands can only dream of. Endorsement of a product done right by a personality, popular in certain circles, can do wonders for a product. Your job is to convince companies you can be that personality for them. The person who can excite audiences and impact their opinion in their favor is the most likely to become a successful online influencer.

Here are a few tips that will enhance your chances and improve your communication to brands.

1. Be authentic

To become a successful online influencer you have to show a distinct personality. No brand will endorse just-another-blogger. Be yourself and grow your personality with attention and care. Listen to what your followers expect from you but stay away from the generic. Brands are looking for character. Someone that will make their brand stand out.

When you know who you are, say it - in your content, your website, your logo, your intros, the way you address your audience. Use words, catch phrases, symbols, patterns, clothes or accessories to leave your signature. Be recognizable.

How to become a successful online influencer

2. Be consistent

Be true to yourself and your audience. What content do they request of you? Where do you stand on current topics? Do you review affordable or high-end professional products? Are you for pro cruelty-free and clean energy or do you embrace variety?

Make a list of brands that are consistent with your values and reach out to them. Regularly. Tell them why you like them and share your ideas about promoting their products.

3. Be available

Apart from reaching out to your favorite companies, you need to make sure you always stay open to new or unexpected contacts. You never know who will come around the corner and what opportunity they will bring for you.

Create a page where you outline your passions, details about your followers and your preferences as an influencer. Make sure you leave special contact details for business communication. 

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4. Be professional

You cannot apply for a job without your CV and you cannot get a sponsorship without your media kit. Compose a simple but polished PDF with the most important information about you.

Include your photo, your logo, a list of your most popular content, favorite topics or post series, and statistics. Write a short personalized introduction for yourself and a description of your blog. Give your dos and don’ts. Add your signature – make sure your character shows through.

5. Be convincing

Gain strength as an influencer and collect evidence of your success. Keep a list of your most successful cooperations with brands. Add your strategy, your expectations and your results. Include statistics. Find a way to express your influence over your audience in numbers – the number of social gatherings you have had and the size of the attendance. You could use the number of your followers on your site and social media.

Include social proof in your media kit, your social media profiles and your website. Make sure you do not sound like you are bragging about your numbers. Be respectful of your audience.

Be yourself to become a successful online influencer

No matter how important sponsorship is for you as a career blogger, you need to keep in mind any success that might come to you is because of your followers. Be honest and authentic in your reviews and recommendations of products and experiences. Fakeness will not bring you sustainable success.

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