Combell launches unique and free transfer service for its customers

Combell MoverA major obstacle for customers who are unhappy with their current hosting provider is the transfer of their website to a new provider, often due to a lack of technical knowledge. Combell Mover takes this task off their hands as a free service for customers who purchased web hosting services from Combell. Thanks to a team of in-house specialists, almost any website or web store can be transferred.

No waste of time or risk of errors: the Combell Mover specialists ensure a flawless transfer to Combell while offering a personal service. We are experts in transferring these services without downtime. Your visitors will not notice what happens in the background! And no matter if the current provider is located in the Benelux, in the US or in Asia: we are able to provide assistance with any transfer.

Migrating to Combell has never been so easy. The procedure consists of four steps:

  1. The customer orders a web hosting package from Combell
  2. Once the order has been placed, the customer gets a call to talk things over
  3. Combell Mover initiates the migration of the website
  4. The customer does the final check and the migration is completed

What are you waiting for? :-)