Working online in the cloud

At Combell, you will find all the products and services to get started with your online office

Your desktop in the Cloud

Check your desktop online, from any location, via the Cloud.

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E-mail everywhere

Professional e-mail solutions with push e-mail.

Sending e-mail

Faxing online

Send and receive faxes using your e-mail address or your browser.

Online fax

Working online with just a few clicks.

Your online office requires robust hardware: a reliable server that always works perfectly. And, in that case, having your own server is not the best solution. Because it is not flexible and it can also become obsolete sooner than you think. Moreover, it requires much maintenance. Now, with Combell's Cloud, this is all a thing of the past!

Combell has a unique server farm

A server or hardware in the Cloud?

The cloud does what your server already does, but better. Because we take care of back-ups, firewalls, maintenance and updates. Moreover, you always benefit from the best performance. You no longer have to worry about hardware and maintenance. From now on, you can focus on your core business!

Cloud for SMEs

You have the same needs as a large company. But you often do not have the same budget. This is why Combell allows you to choose the components you want for your online office. This way, you can contain costs and, at the same time, benefit from enterprise-level quality and service for all your products and services.

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Grow in a flexible manner

Is your company growing? In that case, your requirements in IT will grow too. You will require more mailboxes, extra disk space on your server, new virtual desktops... Combell helps you solve these problems very easily. We instantly adapt our products and services if you ask us to do so. This way, you will never have to pay too much for working online.

State-of-the-art technology

You are not an IT specialist. We are. You do not want to invest in new hardware and network connections every month. We do. We constantly upgrade and expand all our servers, switches and other devices. And you too can take advantage of this. Without having to do anything for it.

Get started in no time

Working online is a matter of clicking and ordering. A few minutes later, our instructions will arrive in your mailbox. Half an hour later, you can send the first e-mails and faxes, and your data can be stored securely in the Cloud.

24/7 free support

Our own employees are available day and night via a free 0800 number. They will answer all your questions and look for efficient solutions to make your specific ideas concrete. In your own language, of course!