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You can definitely believe in what our customers say.

Marc Beertens

When you consider how many BAD websites have been developed by people 'who know what they are talking about', I must honestly say that I don't know much about it, but at least, I have a very professional website!

Initially, I thought I had to be familiar with HTML, but actually you just need to show a little creativity

Marco Merola


I've been a user since the first version of SiteBuilder. This new version is outstanding! Very affordable solution to build a professional website for PC, which is also compatible with mobile devices!

Yes, I have difficulties believing that there are people who spend thousands of euros for a website!

Sevrine Maes

Easy to use with a professional look and feel. The various templates available. It works as a simple text editor. Images are easy to add and edit. You do not need any prior knowledge as a website designer.

Absolutely not

Stefan Vrancken

The fact that the website can be built using the ready-to-use widgets is definitely a plus. Until now, we have had only positive reactions from the people who have visited the website, and sometimes they also gave us a few tips to improve it. Via SiteBuilder, the website has a professional look.

At first, I had some digging to do, but the same problem exists with other systems.

De Ceulaer Walter

The fact that, although I am a newbie with computers, I can do many things.

Actually, no. And, anyway, I can always rely on Combell's helpdesk!

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SiteBuilder reviews