Fast, reliable and secure hosting for resellers

Are you just planning to start reselling or do you already have another provider? Combell's offer is very attractive just the same. Combell Reseller offers full white-labelled hosting, with an emphasis on security and redundancy, at the lowest possible price and with 24/7 access to our experienced helpdesk staff.

Are you looking for a reseller hosting provider?

Huge discounts

You will be able to purchase all reseller packages, upgrades and domain names at wholesale prices. Because you set your own retail price, you decide which commission you get on each sale you make. Choose your customers wisely and compose your hosting packages with care for best results.

Hosting without any reference to Combell

If we promise you white-labelled hosting, we really mean it. We value you as a customer and allow you to completely adapt the brand. Request your reseller's demo account or contact our ever-available helpdesk for instructions. Find out down to the smallest detail how you can adapt your name servers, URLs, contacts, etc. to get the most out of your experience as a Combell reseller.

Why choose Combell as a reseller hosting provider?

Quality, stability, redundancy, user-friendliness, convenience, scalability and customer-mindedness are the key success factors of a company and they are Combell's focal points. When you put your own name on a service, you want that service to be top of the range. We, at Combell, will not disappoint you.

24/7 free support & domain names

You will get the best reseller package your money can buy. But will you get free stuff as well? Every reseller package includes at least 5 free domain names, a 75 EUR Google AdWords voucher and full access to our experienced 24/7 helpdesk team - day or night, via phone or e-mail and in your own language.