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The benefits of a Reseller account

Reseller hosting benefits

Next-generation hosting services

You and your customers also reap the benefits of Combell's many years of expertise in web hosting. Your web hosting packages are hosted on the powerful next-generation hosting cluster. Thanks to advanced optimisation and duplication methods, your websites are always efficient. Unlike with traditional web hosting services, with our hosting cluster, you resolutely go for power.

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Performance hosting packages for extra speed

Do you use a Content Management System (CMS) like Wordpress, Drupal Joomla or Magento? Many of those software packages support (by default or via extra modules) the most advanced technologies that significantly enhance the performance of your website. Combell provides the most popular of these options: Redis, Memcached and Varnish. Enabling such a module can often lead to a significant increase in speed on websites when traffic peaks.

One single screen, countless features

My Combell is the control panel from where you can control your entire hosting infrastructure. From DNS records and e-mail to setting up and fine-tuning your own bespoke hosting packages. Combell's control panel is developed in-house, which allows us to respond quickly to valuable customer feedback.

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Create your own packages

You can choose the resources you want to include in your hosting packages yourself, from the number of databases and mailboxes to the size of the web space. This way, you can build hosting packages that are fully compatible with your own products. Thanks to My Combell, managing your packages is easier than ever. In addition, you have a choice between Linux and Windows hosting.

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Completely anonymous environment

Your customers can log in to their package inside your Reseller hosting environment. This is done via a 100% white-labelled interface: this means that there is not a single reference to Combell. It is possible to add your own logo, visual identity and website links to the interface. This way, you can create a recognisable environment for your customers.

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Huge discounts and commissions on other Combell products

As a Combell Reseller, besides a lower price per hosting package, you also benefit from huge discounts and commissions on many other services such as domain names, Exchange e-mail, Cloud servers and SSL certificates. In addition, these services are integrated in your reseller platform, so that you can resell them to your customers under your own name.

Reseller discounts

Volume discounts

We at Combell want to help you as you grow, but we also want to reward you for your growth. This is why you do not have to pay any fee upfront for which you need to estimate the number of hosting packages you will need; you only pay for what you actually use. And the higher the number of hosting packages, the lower the price per package. Your success is thus rewarded. As a Combell Reseller, you also benefit from discounts on almost all our other products.

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One single invoice and point of contact

We are entrepreneurs too and you probably have enough administrative work to handle as it is. This is why we make things easier for you: we send you only one monthly invoice for what you used over the past month. And if you have any questions, you can contact your own account manager. This will make you save time and avoid troubles.

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Free trial accounts are possible

We understand that you often want to quickly try something on a separate environment, or build a proof-of-concept for your customer. This is why we give you the opportunity to create a trial account that offers exactly the same technical options. In addition, if the hosting account is disabled on the same day, you will not have to pay anything.

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Unlimited scalability

Our Reseller hosting is a perfect example of SaaS: you purchase a hosting service from us without having to make major investments in infrastructure. For you, this means that you can get started right away, but also that you can grow without worrying about the future. Do not worry about the technical side of things; we take care of it for you.

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Automation with the Combell Reseller API

Registration of a domain name? Creating a hosting package? Checking expiration dates? You do all that safely and quickly via the Combell Reseller API. Our API is flexible to connect to your CRM or internal management system so you can completely automate frequent actions. It saves you work and, more importantly, the risk of human error.

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About Combell

Reliable one-stop partner

Combell has been the absolute market leader in hosting services for companies, IT integrators and software developers since 1999 and has now become the most reliable one-stop partner to host about any IT infrastructure, website or application.

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Inventis about Combell's Reseller Hosting

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