What is Desktop Online?

Desktop Online is a computer without the worries. The system is easy: we install your software on extremely powerful servers in our data centre. You can log in with any laptop or computer and land on your own desktop. With access to all your programs. And with your settings exactly as you left them.

All your programs work as usual

Log into your Desktop Online and your Windows desktop will immediately be displayed on screen. From there, you can open Microsoft Word or Excel, read your e-mails in Outlook, browse your files in the explorer, surf the web, etc.

Of course, we also install your company-specific software such as your CRM system or your accounting software. And, obviously, you can access your other crucial applications such as Skype or PowerPoint.

We take care of back-up and security

Forget about having to regularly update virus scanners and firewalls. We take care of all this for you. This way, you benefit from the best possible protection against intruders. We also constantly make backups of all your files and programs so that you never lose anything again.


Interested in Online Desktop?24/7 free support

With Online Desktop (or virtual desktop or hosted desktop), Combell hosts your computer.
If you have any questions about this product, do not hesitate to contact us. A specialist will be happy to assist you.