Answers to your questions about Online Desktop

Does Online Desktop also work on my iPad?

Yes. You can use Online Desktop on any computer with a web browser.

How can I be sure that my files are stored in a secure location?

All your data are protected by our antivirus software and our firewall. Both provide the best possible protection against all sorts of intruders. In addition, your data are stored in our data centre with video surveillance and monitoring. We also constantly make backups.

Does Online Desktop also work with systems other than Windows?

No. Online Desktop currently only works well with Windows.

What software can I install on my Online Desktop?

We always install Microsoft Windows for you. In addition, you are also free to choose: Office? Your accounting software? Specific software that you use every day? We make your virtual desktop identical to your ordinary computer.


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With Online Desktop (or virtual desktop or hosted desktop), Combell hosts your computer.
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