Less IT investments

Eventually, a virtual desktop is always cheaper than a real one. Because you just pay a fixed fee per user per month. All other costs disappear:

  • No extra licence fees.
  • No expensive investments in new servers, software or computers.
  • No big energy bill because your server needs to be constantly running.
  • No costs for maintenance and monitoring.
  • No costs for unused computers.

The benefits of Desktop Online

Access to your computer, any time and anywhere

All you need is an Internet connection. Do you use a computer at home? In a hotel? Your iPad? As long as you have a connection, your desktop is at your disposal. With all your programs and files.
Our hyper modern data centre offers a guaranteed power supply and uses lightning-fast connections. So, your data can always be accessed very swiftly.

Extra security and backup

You benefit from our antivirus software and our firewall. They are always up-to-date and offer the best possible protection against all sorts of intrusions. Moreover, your data are stored in our data centre with video surveillance and monitoring. There, we also permanently make backups of all your programs and files. This way, you never lose a single byte of information.

Local support

Do you have a question or a problem? Your local service partner is ready to help you. Based on the agreements you have with him, he will quickly come to your rescue. That is easy and efficient.

No more updates or maintenance

You can immediately terminate your contract with your system manager. Because from now on, you no longer need an expensive specialist who maintains your servers and installs the latest versions of your software. We do that remotely and completely for free.

More productivity in your organisation

Your colleagues will be able to work at home or from their office with the exact same ease. All you need to do is log in and all your applications are available. This way, nobody will waste time anymore. And an urgent e-mail can be easily composed late in the evening.


Interested in Online Desktop?24/7 free support

With Online Desktop (or virtual desktop or hosted desktop), Combell hosts your computer.
If you have any questions about this product, do not hesitate to contact us. A specialist will be happy to assist you.