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What are the new TLDs exactly?

The Internet is going through a major change. The web will grow with the arrival of thousands of new Internet extensions, also called generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs). Traditional TLDs such as .com, .net, .biz and .info will be joined by new extensions such as .vlaanderen, .shop and .green. So, as an entrepreneur, you will be able to choose among thousands of new combinations, given that everything before the dot (.) sign will be available. Seize the opportunity now and register domain names of your choice in new extensions like .vlaanderen, .shop, .gent and .hotel.

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What is pre-registration?

Tip: are you a trademark owner and want to protect your brands? Or do you need help with the pre-registration of domain names? Call our domain specialists on 0800-8-5678 (NL: 0800-8-567890). They will be happy to assist you!

Due to the limited number of extensions, the Internet is gradually becoming saturated. It is now pretty much impossible to find a short and interesting .com domain name available for registration. With the launch of the new extensions, millions of new domain name combinations have been created. In addition, there are now many local extensions, such as .paris, .london or .amsterdam, or sector extensions, like .law, .management or .autos, which will probably better reflect your core business or region than a traditional .be or .com domain name. Thousands of new extensions and millions of new combinations will soon be available.

Starting now, Combell gives you the possibility to pre-register your family, company, brand or product name in the new domain extension. Pre-registration requests are free and without any obligation.

This concerns the pre-registration of domain names. Currently, Combell cannot guarantee that the registration will be successful. The exact launch date of many domain names has not been announced yet and there is always a possibility that someone else has a vested right (e.g. as a trademark owner or government agency) to claim the domain name in question.

However, your pre-registration request allows us to transfer your domain name application as soon as more concrete information is available. And when we have further details about prices, we will first contact you to request your approval.


Combell recently organised the "New TLD (R)evolution" conference in Brussels, which was specifically aimed at trademark owners and companies owning multiple domain names. It has been a very enriching event where participants were given useful information about marketing and trademark strategy. Here, you can check out the videos of the speakers' presentations including all the necessary details on how to protect your trademarks.

Andrea Beccalli, ICANN

Manager Global Stakeholder Engagement about the ICANN's new gTLD program

Bart Lieben

Lawyer specialised in IP about the protection mechanisms for trademark owners

Jan Corstens, Deloitte

Co-founder of the Trademark Clearinghouseabout the possibilities of the TMCH

Marc Messely, Bekaert

Group Manager IP at Bekaert about a centralized domain name and IP portfolio management