24/7 monitoring and warnings

In order to prevent problems

Monitoring and hotline services provided by experts

In order to prevent problems

We are one of the only hosting providers that offer a 24/7 hotline in our Network Operation Center (NOC). No standby colleagues, but separate teams for day and night work, which are capable of providing clear and adequate intervention when needed.

There, they monitor your server and business-critical applications – day and night. They prevent issues by constantly keeping an eye on the status of your server and detecting load spikes.

Managed Hosting Guarantees
Managed Hosting Guarantees

Scalability and backup hardware

Based on the monitoring results

When your website attracts more visitors, we automatically scale up by adding an extra server or a load balancer in order to prevent problems.

If a problem occurs with the hardware itself, it automatically switches to a backup component thanks to our high availability service. That gives us the time to repair the original component without your application going offline.
Switching to a backup server is done using vMotion, and the entire procedure takes place in the background.

Anyway, engineers are always ready to intervene manually if necessary.

Warnings sent to you and our engineers

In the event of serious incidents

When an alert is triggered in our monitoring system, the three people in charge are automatically notified. This warning is sent via a redundant text messaging solution.

  1. Primary engineer: receives a notification in the event of a problem and fixes it if necessary.
  2. Secondary engineer: acts as a backup when the primary engineer is not available.
  3. The person in charge of operational management: will assess complex situations together with you and will intervene if necessary.

You too will receive a notification of the incident (if you took out an SLA pro) and the expected recovery time.

Managed Hosting Guarantees
Managed Hosting Guarantees

Clearly defined intervention process

To the right persons

Thanks to a watertight intervention process and the removal of single points of failure, Combell guarantees the consistency of response and recovery times – in all circumstances.

In the event of serious problems, the management will communicate directly with the customer to assess the situation together, while both engineers address the incident. As a general rule, each decisive action is only taken after the customer has been contacted.

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