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Your websites and apps in safe hands

Don't worry about your IT-environment with our managed services. Focus on your business and we'll take care of the rest.

  • Managed services tailored to your situation
  • 24/7 monitoring and expert support
  • Leading hosting company in Belgium since 1999
  • Always online with our SLA guarantees
  • Excellent performance with our lightning fast network
  • Premium security against hackers and malware
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Managed services with Combell

At Combell we have expert knowledge to deliver everything you need

Realtime monitoring

To guarantee the smooth functioning of your systems, we provide 24/7 monitoring.

Load balancing

Avoid overload and downtime with Load balancers.

Load testing

Simulate a traffic peak to determine the maximum capacity of your hosting environment


Protect your website or app with dedicated firewalls.

CDN (global scaling)

Built a content delivery network to distribute your resources around the globe.

Backup Solutions

We host your hybrid backup, always available in case of emergency.


Virtualize your resources with VMware for a super scalable hosting solution.

Border gateway protocol (BGP)

Enjoy great network stability and high availability thanks to BGP.


Secure connection between your office and your server.


Organize your data in a clear structure with databases.


Merge multiple servers to let them work as one entity with clustering.

Web acceleration

Boost the performance of your existing infrastructure.


Seamless synchronization of your data / database to ensure a perfect backup.


Set up your own network between your servers.

High availability

Guaranteed uptime thanks to a fully redundant setup.

Infrastructure checkups

Our experts check your infrastructure and give you advice on how to optimize.


Have a complete backup of your entire setup in a different datacenter for emergencies.

Disaster recovery

Data loss is no option with critical data. We offer a custom, no-fail solution.

Business Continuity

Keep your business running. Prepare for every possible problem.


Add unlimited amounts of storage to your hosting solution.


Add an SLA to your setup and be sure we'll fix every issue within your timeframe.

Trust thousands of happy customers

Combell’s service really makes the difference

”Thanks to Combell’s Managed Hosting, our website can handle any traffic peak”

Enjoy your managed services at Combell

Enjoy our many years of experience in professional hosting

Excellent protection

  • We keep hackers and spammers out
  • With dedicated firewalls and excellent encryption
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified
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Ultimate performance

  • Only premium hardware and software
  • The best data centres in the Benelux
  • The fastest connection to all Internet providers
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Always online

  • Thanks to the extensive guarantees provided by our SLAs
  • 24/7 monitoring and proactive support
  • Guaranteed solution if anything goes wrong
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We really help you

  • DevOps optimisation of your code
  • Experts are available to assist you 24/7
  • In-depth advice without having to constantly run around
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