Always online, guaranteed!

Thanks to our SLA guarantees

Because your business is too important to go offline, we offer SLA guarantees. They ensure that your website or application remains available to your customers.

To control the extreme precautions in our data centers, we provide 24/7 monitoring. If something looks wrong, we take proactive action.

  • Extreme precautions in our data centers
  • 24/7 monitoring and proactive intervention
  • Generous compensations if something goes wrong
  • Solution guarantees within agreed deadline
  • Always online with our SLA guarantees

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Managed Hosting Uptime

Our data centers are always online!


Your critical data should always be available and that's precisely what we take care of. Due to extreme precautions, our data centers remain available even in the worst disaster!

  • Black-out across the country? 11 ship engines provide the data center with a week-worth of electricity.
  • Additionally, some fire does not scare us. The smallest spark is immediately spotted and quenched with argonite gas. We do not harm the hardware with water.

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24/7 monitoring prevents problems


We continuously monitor your hosting to prevent problems. If we find that things are no longer moving smoothly, we take proactive action.

For example, if you suddenly experience a spike of traffic on your website, we adjust the resources so that everyone can enjoy a smooth experience with your website.

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Managed Hosting Support
Managed Hosting Support

Prepared for hardware failures

Thanks to virtualisation with High Availability (HA)

If the hardware fails, you will remain online because we use virtualisation with high availability.
This means that when a server fails, your hosting is almost instantly restarted on another server. This allows to minimise downtime.

Thanks to virtualisation, you no longer depend on a physical server as was previously the case with dedicated hosting.

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Immediate complete solution


Of something goes wrong and leaves your website offline, we immediately do anything possible to help you.

We commit ourselves to providing a thorough solution in a timely manner. No buggy workarounds, but a real solution where you do not experience downtime any time soon.

We have not reached the target? Then you get a compensation.

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Always online with SLA guarantees

Your guarantee in the event of incidents

  • Guaranteed solutions within the agreed time frame
  • Direct emergency number to and contact with our engineers
  • Efficient monitoring of your environment
  • Testing and security audits
  • Protection of your server against intruders

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Managed Hosting Support

More reasons for choosing Combell Choose a custom hosting solution

Dedicated support

An expert support team is available 24/7 to help you.
They continue where others stop - they even check your code!

Excellent performance

Our hosting solutions are created to perform under all circumstances.

To achieve that we only use premium technology and the best data centers!

Perfectly protected

Do not worry about security.

With our continued investment in security, you are confident in your safety. We keep hackers safe outside so your website just works!

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