Web hosting

Options for your web hosting package

Everything to get the most out of your hosting package.

Various options

The options below can be ordered directly from the control panel.

Static IP address

  • Manage your MySQL database remotely.
  • Establish an SSL connection for your Windows web hosting account.

From €50 per year

Extra database

  • For storing data on your website/application.
  • Included by default in each package, but you can upgrade as you like.

From €5 per month
All the database options

Premium SSL certificate

  • Protect your visitors’ personal information.
  • Get a green bar / padlock in browsers.
  • Standard certificate included in each package.

From €50 per year
All the SSL certificates

Extra caching

Extra optimised storage space for popular data that increases performance and speed.

Varnish Cache Hosting

Reverse caching proxy

  • Caches entire pages and static resources.
  • Stores information that has already been requested in the RAM, which is fast memory.

128 MB - € 10/month
256 MB - € 20/month
384 MB - € 30/month
512 MB - € 40/month

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Redis Cache Hosting

Distributed cache

  • Via your code, you can transfer data to Redis.
  • Store this data in the RAM, which is fast memory.
  • Persistent, even when you restart your hosting package.

64 MB - € 10/month
128 MB - € 20/month
192 MB - € 30/month
256 MB - € 40/month

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Expert Booster Expert+ € 19.42/month

Extra performance for your Expert package

Extra Ramdisk

  • Transfer data to the RAM faster
  • Without having to update your code
  • Be careful: this data will be lost after a reboot.

256MB instead of 128MB

Extra Varnish Cache

  • Caches entire pages and static resources.
  • Stores information that has already been requested in the RAM, which is fast memory.

1024MB instead of 512MB

More websites

  • Host even more websites on a single package.
  • And save money, since you do not need extra packages.

9 websites instead of 6

E-mail options

Expand the possibilities of e-mail in your hosting package!

Professional e-mail

Mailbox and e-mail addresses with all the necessary features, including synchronisation and a spam filter.

Why have your own mailbox?

  • Create your own e-mail addresses: Project a more professional image than you did with free alternatives like Hotmail, Telenet, etc.
  • All you need is a mailbox: no extra features like with Exchange / Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

An all-in-one package, including a mailbox, Office software, 1 TB of online storage, web meetings…

Why Microsoft 365?

  • Always online: You can access all your documents and e-mails anytime, anywhere.
  • Chat & web meeting: Teams allows you to communicate with your colleagues and customers.
  • Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, … it is all there!