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Various options

The options below can be ordered directly from the control panel.

Static IP address

  • Manage your MySQL database remotely.
  • Establish an SSL connection for your Windows web hosting account.

From €50 per year

Extra database

  • For storing data on your website/application.
  • Included by default in each package, but you can upgrade as you like.

From €5 per month

All the database options

Premium SSL certificate

  • Protect your visitors’ personal information.
  • Get a green bar / padlock in browsers.
  • Standard certificate included in each package.

From €50 per year

All the SSL certificates

Restoring a back-up

  • We restore the last working version of your website.
  • Choose a backup from the last 2 weeks.

€35 per backup


Extra optimised storage space for popular data that increases performance and speed.

Varnish Cache Hosting

Reverse caching proxy

  • Caches entire pages and static resources.
  • Stores information that has already been requested in the RAM, which is fast memory.

128 MB - €10/month
256 MB - €20/month
384 MB - €30/month
512 MB - €40/month

Redis Cache Hosting

Distributed cache

  • Via your code, you can transfer data to Redis.
  • Store this data in the RAM, which is fast memory.
  • Persistent, even when you restart your hosting package.

64 MB - €10/month
128 MB - €20/month
192 MB - €30/month
256 MB - €40/month

Memcached Hosting

Distributed cache

  • Works like Redis, but supports fewer types of data.
  • Store this data in the RAM, which is fast memory.

64 MB - €10/month
128 MB - €20/month
192 MB - €30/month
256 MB - €40/month

Expert Booster - €19.42/month

Only possible in combination with an Expert package

Extra PHP memory

  • A larger limit for a single PHP request.
  • So that you can run heavier apps on your website

1GB instead of 512MB

Extra PHP workers

  • PHP workers correspond to the number of processes that can run simultaneously.
  • The higher this number, the faster your website can process data.

100 workers instead of 50

Extra Ramdisk

  • Transfer data to the RAM faster
  • Without having to update your code
  • Be careful: this data will be lost after a reboot.

256MB instead of 128MB

More websites

  • Host even more websites on a single package.
  • And save money, since you do not need extra packages.

8 websites instead of 6

E-mail options

Expand the possibilities of e-mail in your hosting package!

Basic mailbox

  • Included by default in your package!
  • Choose more or larger mailboxes (up to 25 GB).

From €1/month

Check out Basic e-mail packages

Exchange mailbox TIP

  • Professional mailbox with additional features.
  • Works on any device and is perfectly synchronised.
  • You can also share agendas, book meeting rooms, etc.

From €3/month

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