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Optimize your Sitebuilder website for smartphones

If your SiteBuilder package supports Mobile you can use a special Mobile Creative Mode to adapt your website for smartphones even further!

All SiteBuilder designs are created mobile friendly. Every design is optimized to appear as well on a desktop as on a tablet or a smartphone.

All mobile sites are in a default Mobile Quick Mode. All changes done to the Web version are adapted and applied to the Mobile version.

If your package includes a Mobile site, you can use the Mobile tab in the upper left corner of your screen to view and edit it.

You have to make sure you switch to Mobile creative mode first! Careful! Once you do that your Creative Mode mobile site will stop accepting any changes from your Web mode.

What does that mean? Let’s say you have created a website already. You switch the mobile version from Quick Mode (the default mode) to Creative mode. Now you can change images and texts and other widgets directly onto the mobile version of your site – without affecting the web version. When you are satisfied you publish. Only your mobile version changes.

Now let’s say at some point you decide to add a page to your Web version. If you are still in Mobile Creative Mode, your page will not appear on the mobile site. If you switch to Quick Mode, the page will appear but all other changes you had done in Creative Mode will be missing – your mobile website is again a replica of the Web version. If you switch back to Creative Mode the changes will be there. But the new page will still not be added. You have to add it manually.

Have in mind, you cannot have different designs (themes) on your Web and Mobile version. If you change the design of your Web version, the design of the Mobile version will also change – regardless of whether your Mobile Mode is Creative or Quick Mode.

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Updated on 3 September 2020

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