Add contact forms to your Sitebuilder website

The Contact form widget is a necessity for your Contact Us page.

    1. To add a contact form to your layout: from the widget sets menu to the left, choose Basic. Drag and drop the Contact form widget right onto your template.Drag and drop the Contact form widget
    2. The editor opens right away. From the ‘Forms’ tab choose a format you like.Forms tab
    3. Switch to the ‘Settings’ tab. Fill in all fields.Settings tab
      1. The ‘Form name’ and ‘Description’ will be displayed on your page.
      2. When the visitor hits the submit button you will receive an email.
      3. Make sure you type in ‘Email Subject’ and ‘Email Message’ that speak to you – you do not want to mistake any order for spam.
      4. Double-check if the recipient email is spelled correctly.
      5. Customize your ‘Thank You Message’ it will tell your guest they did everything right and you will receive their message.
      6. We strongly recommend you use ‘CAPTCHA’ – otherwise you risk receiving huge amounts of automated spam messages.
  1. When you are done customizing click on ‘Submit’. Your form is ready.SubmitTip: If you want to further customize your contact form use the Form Manager widget from the Basic widget setForm Manager widget
Updated on 3 September 2020

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